Apr 27, 2011

A Weekish In Pictures

I had high expectations for this blog post... I generally have high expectations for lots of projects I start that might be why I go crazy get so stressed out about making things "perfect".  I am not a perfectionist by any means, if you'd like proof come over to my house for dinner but I do like things to be just so.  Last week was like a wave and we all just kinda rode it out.  It didn't go just so but it ended wonderfully :)

It started out here:
Allie trudging through the back yard in her "frock" boots

And ended like this:

Grandpa at Easter Sunday Brunch

 But some where in the middle we had some of this:
Visiting Grandpa in the hospital
Grandpa with Tinker Bell in his "pocket"

Grandpa spent a couple days in the hospital and it turns out he just needed a fluid top off and to change some meds around but we're all so thankful he's ok. 

This huge little guy was in our driveway one day this week.  He's missing the half of one of his back legs but he was getting around just fine.  He turned his head and looked at me like "I'm ok lady, you should see the other guy."

We got to visit the Easter Bunny and Allie cried when her turn was over.  Completely the opposite reaction I was expecting.  I'm looking for my picture with the Easter Bunny when I was this age I swear they could be interchangeable.

Peeking around the corner to see bunny man

is it just me or is it a little creepy you can tell he has blue eyes??

Easter was fun with brunch in the morning followed by egg hunting and basket destroying and dinner.
Discovering the Easter Bunny was rather generous this year.

Everyone needs the perfect shades to go with their Easter garb, no?

Happy hump day!

Apr 20, 2011


I wish I had a tape recorder in my brain.  Something to record all the brilliance that I come up with while doing dishes or driving.  I sound really good in my own head, but don’t we all?  Welcome to my baby blog.  She’s new and we’ve got some learning to do together, I’m not exactly sure what kind of adventures we’ll go on together we’ll just have to figure it out as we go.  For now let’s just say this is the tape recorder in my brain, trying to capture the brilliance that’s there, it’s up to you whether or not you think it’s brilliant or a bust.  My little blog has lots of growing to do, expect to see many changes as I figure out this new medium of expression.  Some things you’ll probably see in the future are lots of my random ramblings, some sewing tips and tutorials, product reviews (things that I think you totally can’t live without), recipes that rock, pictures of the littlest Kastle, and whatever else is interesting at the moment.  This little blog is mainly for me, a journal of sorts so I can remember stuff.  Ever since having little Kastle my short term memory has gone kaput and my husband can attest to this.  Three days from now I’ll probably even forget I started a blog.  Not really but it’s almost that bad.  Anyway, welcome to my little corner of the blogosphere.  Enjoy!