Jun 21, 2011

From a rag to...

We visit our local Salvation Army about once a month or so looking for deals and to buy kids clothes.  A majority of Little Kastle's clothes come from there, I just can't pass up like new clothes for a buck a piece, and sometimes stuff still has the tags on!  Soo... while parusing the women's long sleeve racks I came upon this gem:
Please excuse the awful picture but it really was an awful top.
 Not a gem you say?  I agree it was hideous but you gotta see the potential in it, tiny yellow stripes on a grown woman = not so cute, but for a buck (I actually got it for less after a generous discount) I couldn't pass up the quality knit fabric.  I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it when I saw this post.  Tiny stripes on a cute little girl = the cutest thing ever! 

Go away Mom please....

I had to throw this one in just cause I love her eyes in this picture.

 Oh and Little Kastle even picked out the buttons.  I had white and pink, I think she picked well, whatcha think??

1 comment:

  1. That is sooo adorable! The fabric is awesome and the little buttons are perfect! plus those big eyes, it's all over. :D