Oct 3, 2011

Has it really been three months since I've done a post?  Yikes... if one of the blogs I follow doesn't post for a week I get all twitchy... not that I have THAT many followers but really it's kinda pathetic... sorry... I have been busy though, Little Kastle turned two, she's so big and she knows it.  That two year oldness is well wonderful one second and in the next instant I'm wishing she was about 9 months old again because at that age they can't throw themselves on the floor in a full tantrum in the middle of Target... yeah...  But really I'm loving this age and this girl:
On her 2nd Birthday                                                                 

 I've been doing a LOT of sewing and smack me on the wrist but I haven't been taking pictures.  I promise I'll get out the camera and take some very soon :)  As always you can check out our photosharing website at kastlenews.shutterfly.com to see the most recent pictures and happenings, hop over there, spend a couple days, and when you get back here there should be pictures of my latest sewing projects :)  See ya soon!

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